Professional Butlers,Experience the Privileges

eButler offers professional butler services with a tap on the App, helps you to take care of any business and personal affairs. Flexible hourly charge, butlers with a wide range of professional backgrounds, helps you solving all the tedious affairs, making your life easier ever!

Your Professional Team

Customer hospitality

Provide superior hospitality services, enhance your relationship with customers

Working schedule arrangement

Provide point to point service for the ease of your business conference, save up your time

Family body check arrangement

Provide health care service, take good care of your family in your daily busy life

Kids pick-up service

Provide trust-worthy daily pick up service for you kids to ensure no security issue

Dogs walking service

Our caring butlers take good care of your lovely dogs, or any pets in need of looking after

Laundry service arrangement

To fulfill the needs of different dress code in different balls and banquets, our butlers can do the arrange for you

Hong Kong and Macau private tour

Understanding your preferences, we offer tailor-made tour services

Weddings and banquets transportation arrangement

With a fleet of Tesla to make your weddings and banquets magnificent

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The British Butler Institute

In cooperation with The British Butler Institute offering top of the class modern butler training programs with 5 stars butler services

As a world-renowned Butler Institute, we offer all the most modern professional training, creating new international standards. Trainees through a variety of trainings, will become the world standard modern butler, and have a great chance to work in the top hotels worldwide, private clubs, as well as various types of advanced property management companies. Our training programs can fully develop your potential to be a professional butler, so as to offer exclusive experience to various customers